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Condensates’ transformative potential for drug discovery

Many vital cellular functions occur within biomolecular condensates

These droplets form dynamically throughout the cell via a process called phase separation. Their behavior is governed by weak multivalent interactions between proteins and nucleic acids.

Condensates compartmentalize and concentrate molecules, enabling key biochemical processes.

Aberrant condensates drive many diseases

When something goes awry with a condensate’s composition or behavior, we call it condensatopathy.

Condensatopathies can sequester proteins needed elsewhere in the cell, exclude proteins needed for critical processes, or have altered physical properties that lead to toxic gain of function.

C-mods treat the condensatopathies that drive disease

Condensate modulators (c-mods) are uniquely designed to hit condensate targets and reverse condensatopathies by:

  • preventing harmful protein sequestration
  • driving key components back into condensates
  • restoring healthy condensate properties and function

C-mods have the potential to alter the course of a disease.


Genetic and environmental factors


TDP43 sequestration


Alters condensate composition to release TDP43

Downstream effects

Stathmin-2 mis-splicing, improper RNA trafficking, TDP43 proteinopathy



Our leading platform for discovering c-mods

Our comprehensive technology suite allows us to identify novel drugs across a wide spectrum of diseases.

Engine for genetically linked condensatopathy discovery

Machine-learning-based image analysis tools for visualizing condensates

Proprietary knowledge base of biomolecules in condensates

Compendium of all condensates in different cell types

Collection of engineered cell lines with trackable condensates

Suite of reconstituted physiologically relevant cell-free condensates

Condensate-directed medicinal chemistry

Methods for monitoring drug partitioning into condensates

Integrated machine learning platform automates, speeds, and enhances c-mod discovery

Our pipeline

Discovering and developing c-mods to address true unmet need

  • 20 Ongoing projects
  • 4 Disease areas


Multiple solid and liquid tumors Wholly owned

Metastasis (High-CIN) Partnering with


Rare diseases and repeat expansion disorders Wholly owned

DM-1 Partnering with


Multiple Partnering with


Multiple viral targets Wholly owned

HIV Partnering with

Building on condensate science, from concept to company



Condensates first observed

Peering through an early microscope, Santiago Ramón y Cajal saw membraneless structures now known to be condensates.



February, 2018Science

Potential of condensates identified

Phil Sharp identifies condensate biology as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make transformative new medicines.

September, 2018Company

Dewpoint named

Founding team sketches out Dewpoint’s strategy. Suzanne Eaton, a brilliant scientist and partner to Tony Hyman, gives the company its name.

October, 2018Company

US operations begin

A new biology

The emerging science of biomolecular condensates could help answer some of biology’s biggest questions.

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Learn more about Dewpoint's history

Our founders and advisors explain how condensates drive cell function and solve biological mysteries.

Biomolecular condensates can fuse over time.

P granules segregate asymmetrically during embryogenesis.

Protein mutants cause aberrant phase transition.

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Leading thinkers in cell biology, biophysics, drug discovery, and medicinal chemistry come together at Dewpoint.

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